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State Representative Justin Slaughter Hosts Adopted Stark County Farmers for a District Tour

9/8/2017 12:00:00 AM
Members of the Stark County Farm Bureau took an expedition on a beautiful fall day to visit their newly adopted legislator State Representative Justin Slaughter on Friday, September 8th. Rep. Slaughter, from the 27th State Representative District, represents a diverse district that encompasses numerous neighborhoods, industrial/commercial developments, spotted with small shops, dissected by several railroad lines, busy streets packed with individual cars, vans, public buses, trucks carrying goods, and several interstate highways.

The visit was a great opportunity for the Stark CFB participants to get to know Rep. Slaughter and see the constituents he represents. The group visited the Great Lakes Coca-Cola Bottling & Manufacturing plant in Alsip. It provides these products to the entire Chicagoland area. This plant bottles/cans over 20 different Coca-Cola products like Coke, Sprite, Braq’s root beer, and when the Stark CFB group was there four different products were being bottled in the state of the art, stainless steel processing system. The group also got to see how the high fructuous corn syrup comes into the plant and is then used for many of the products bottled. The group also interacted with plant staff to learn what the impact of the recent Cook County “Sugar” Tax on Soft drinks has done to their business which has resulted in a 30% down turn in demand in the Chicagoland market.

The group also had the opportunity to visit a 41-acre solar farm in the district. The solar farm generates 10 megawatts of power which is then used by ComEd to supply area residents and businesses electricity during daylight hours. The group was also given the opportunity to visit the 95th Street Chicago Transit Authority transportation hub. This hub is the fourth busiest station in the City and provides a hub between the CTA Red Line “L” (currently the last stop on the south end of the line), 40 some bus routes, and connection point for Greyhound Bus service. The facility is going through a major expansion, without disruption to any of the services being provided, and is the starting point for the southern extension of the Red Line “L” line to the most southern part of the City of Chicago.

The group ended its visit with Rep. Slaughter by visiting the Lowden Home facility of the Chicago Housing Authority. In visiting the 125-unit housing unit the group was able to visit the community education facilities provided to not only residents of the facility, but also to the neighborhood. They also were able to tour a 3-bedroom unit which was finishing up being prepared for a new family.

Rep. Slaughter and the Stark CFB members in attendance were able throughout the day to interact and see firsthand the productivity of the 27th District. It also provided a unique opportunity for the Representative and his constituents and the Stark CFB members to find commonalities on issues impact both groups.
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