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Rep. Nekritz Tours Winnebago and Boone County Agriculture

9/6/2017 12:00:00 AM
On Thursday, September 7th, Representative Elaine Nekritz joined Winnebago-Boone Farm Bureau for her annual Adopt-a-Legislator tour. We started the day with a tour of the Illinois Wool and Fiber Mill and The Complete Sheep Shoppe on Caledonia Road, north of Belvidere. Representative Joe Sosnowski was able to join us at the wool and fiber mill as well. Jane Zeien, owner and operator of the fiber mill and shop shared how they started the mill, how sheep and alpaca wool is washed, dried, sometimes dyed, picked, carded and made into roving. Some customers stop at the roving stage, while others continue the process of spinning the roving into yarn.

Following the fiber mill, we traveled to the Torstenson Youth Education Center and Lodge for a local foods and honey lunch and a talk on honey production provided by Raines Honey Farm. Phillip Raines, Farm Bureau Director and beekeeper, helped Rep. Nekritz into a bee suit and headed to the bee yard in search of honey to be extracted. Due to some flooding issues in July, and the need to relocate the hives, we were unable to collect honey from this site, however, Rep. Nekritz was able to examine the hives without harm and learning about honey bees and honey production.

As Rep. Elaine Nekritz has announced her retirement, we greatly appreciate the time she has taken over the past ten plus years to learn more about Illinois Agriculture and her support on a number of Farm Bureau issues. We wish her well on her next endeavors and plan to keep in touch.
If high resolution images are needed for print media, please contact Christina Nourie at (708) 579-6060.